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TRACK: Tao's Quotes

Merry Christmas from Xiao-Taozi!!!

Today we’ve compiled a bunch of our favorite quotes that we could find from our baby Tao and put them together into this one audio file! Enjoy!

Tao’s Quotes:

Hello, I am EXO-M’s singing, dancing, rapping Kungfu Panda Tao.

If time is beauty then you’re the eternity

My passion can melt the ice


Firsly, I don’t cry because of myself, but because of people around me and my parents, I miss them so I cry.

Please look forward to us!

I’m not just a kungfu panda, I’m also a very romantic kungfu panda

I like music and life, but I like taking walks on the beach alone more.

With no shoes, I’m 181 cm, with shoes I’m 183 cm, and with tall shoes like what I’m wearing today I’m 185 cm Exo- m: OOOOOOOHHHHHH

Hello, I am EXO Tao, in the group I’m in charge of rap, wushu, body figure… Thank you…

I want to send a few words to EXO-K, I want to say that during this time I really missed you guys.

I love you guys.

For Grace, have an awesome Christmas!!! :)